Junior Year


For me, Junior year was a year full of unexpected changes. It most certainly did not meet all my expectations. Before this year, my three best friends and I would hang out every single day. As of today, one of them got mixed up in the wrong crowd, one of them had to move to Louisiana, and there is only the last friend that I still hang out with.  Read More



In life, it is inevitable that you will face many hardships. Friends will come and go, and your life will go through a series of stages. The one thing that will be with you forever is your family. A good relationship with your family is something everyone should have, because once everyone else in your life moves on to live their lives, the very few people that will be there for you are your brothers, sisters, and parents. I know this, because I have experienced it. Strengthen your bond with you family, because family is something that is irreplaceable. Read More

Power of Music


Music is a universal language that speaks to the minds and the emotions of every human being. It is what fuels imagination and sparks creativity. Music has many unique powers that people are not aware of. Whether it is to help make education more enjoyable, bring people together, or even create a mood and make you feel a series emotions. It is something that everybody has experienced sometime in their life, and it is something we all deep down understand. There are no boundaries when it comes to understanding music. Read More

Spring Break

Sprank bank

Every school year I look towards four things the whole year. These three things are Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, and last but not least, summer. I have just recently had spring break, and it was absolutely amazing. The feeling of waking up early on a Monday to realize you do not have school is honestly the best feeling ever. I really appreciate spring break, because it is a time where I do not have to worry about anything school related. To be honest, all the stress in my life right now is coming from school. All the homework, all the quizzes and tests, and all the projects can really tire you out mentally and in some occasions physically  Read More



Friends are important because they serve as our biggest supporters in our lives. They are there to offer us an escape from reality, give us advice when we need it, or to offer us a shoulder to cry on when we need it. I admit I would be a completely different person if it were not for my friends. I love my friends, and I would not trade any of them for new ones. Read More

Childhood Taste Buds Part 1


Your mouth is a very adventurous place, especially when you are a kid that is first discovering the tasteful wonders of the world. When I was a little kid, I lived in a mobile home which is located literally across the street from my neighborhood/ house now. There was my mom, my dad, and my two older brothers. My older brother would always bring me around with him to hang out with him and his friends. Usually, I would always get hungry at the most random times, because of course, I was a little kid, and a little kid needs his food.  My older brother fed me the most delicious food I have ever had in my life AT the time.

First there was the bag of Mama noodles. This was literally heaven in a bag. To be honest though, it is very unhealthy, but I recommend that you try it at least once in your life if you have not already. The crunchiness of the dry noodles, and the unique salty flavor from the packet of seasoning makes your taste buds explode. I loved to eat this as a kid.

Second there was of course, Chin Chin’s grass jelly drink. I still drink this drink today. It is absolutely amazing, especially the banana or lychee flavored ones. The soft and sweet grass jelly accompanied with the sweetness of the drink itself is to die for. The drink was at like sweetness equilibrium, where it was sweet, but not too sweet if you know what I am trying to get at. It was just perfect.

These early taste bud experiments had set the foundation to my love for food. Food is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Whenever the world is doing you wrong, food will forever be at your side. Unless you do not have food.

The Power of Words

cac (1)

Words are a double-edged sword. The power of words can do good in life or it can do bad. Words can build relationships, but they can also destroy them. Words can inspire people, and they can do the complete opposite. Words are capable of starting a war, and they can also end up being the only solution to end a war. Throughout the history of the world and personal experiences, there are many examples of this power being used for justice and for corruption. Read More

Stay in School Kids

fack me duh yi

Walking into class tired and drearily as a student of FVHS, I see a depressing and empty void before me. An empty student seat. A seat that always had a tush in it until three months ago. A tush that belonged to a beloved friend. A friend who was close to me during my Freshman and Sophomore year. I guess some relationships can completely fade and change over time. This friend of mine has made some poor choices, and I believe it is going to affect her in the future. You should not take school for granted. An education is what gets you to places.

Read More

The True Beauty


I started going to the gym and lifting weights last summer, and what started off as just something apart of my daily routine, grew to an addiction. The gym has become a place where I can get away from everything else in my life. It has become my own haven where I can forget about the problems that are troubling me. The stress of school, parents, siblings, and responsibilities are nonexistent during that two hour period at the gym. At the gym, my mind is not focused on anything else besides the heavy weights before me. Read More

Lunar New Years


Lunar New Years is a special holiday for many asian families. It is especially one of my favorite holidays of the year. I usually get money in red envelopes(li xi), I get to spend quality time with my family, and I get to eat some very good food. Every year I get around two hundred from red envelopes, which is not as much as some people, but it is still money. I love money so I would be the last person to complain. I have friends that at least get a grand a year from red envelopes. To be honest, the money is probably my favorite part. Read More